Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Good Mowing

I did not feel like doing it. I've been working six days a week and on the seventh I work some more. I need to rest.

But nothing makes the garden look better than a good mowing. That smidgen of definition in the chaos makes a world of difference.

I was tired, but I knew I would feel better once it was done.

That smidgen of order also does wonders for my peace of mind. No, I have not gone insane and I am not in over my head. This is indeed a garden.

I've been making more progress on my one hundred foot long arc of hosta that will sweep across the shaded part of the garden. I'll keep adding hosta until it's done.

Three new plant species were tucked into the garden today, Tatarian Aster, Rudbeckia triloba and Amsonia tabernaemontana. My wild flower diversity keeps increasing.

The number of some other wild flowers keeps increasing from generous self sowing. I have been tossing the seed heads of the Eryngium yuccifolium further afield to spread the wealth. It will be a few years before I find them blooming.

The Great Lawn is freshly mowed and looking good. Sometimes I have troubles taking pictures on sloping ground. That bench and arbor really are level and mostly plumb. It's the ground that's crooked.

The garden looks all fresh and new again and I can turn my attention to more editing.

By the time the tall flower meadow comes into full bloom, the mowing season will be almost over. I'll make it through. It would just be nice if I was only working five days a week. Then the work of the seventh could be spread over two days.


Danna said...

Love the shots from all angles...especially having seen it in person on the tour. You may be spreading yourself too thin with six days a week tending your clients' properties. Hope you can save more time for yourself... You deserve it!

Lola said...

Take it easy, my friend. I know what a full schedule is.

Rebecca said...

I "hear" the tired....I admire the tenacity and energy you're investing. It WAS a "good mowing" and I'm glad you captured a bit of the scene photographically for us. (I'm still trying to visualize the arch of hosta. I KNOW it will be yet another triumph for you.)

beverly said...

I do remember the days when you were 'tragically underemployed', but this may be too much of a good thing. I love what you have done with your garden. Just think how much more work it would be trying to keep the lush at bay and have a more formal garden, ugh. This one fits the site and you have found a way to work with nature and make it beautiful.

Christopher C. NC said...

Danna it's mostly my fault. I'm not good at saying no.

Lola the best I can do now is not work much at all when I get home in the evening.

Rebecca my arc of hosta will start down by the left eye of Creation and move uphill in a half circle sweep aiming for the path that comes out just above the red telephone pole.

Bev I always knew I would look on my period of tragic underemployment fondly. Mowing the paths and the Great Lawn really does make the much larger space feel manageable. There have been a whole bunch of people of late who have said, I can't believe you do all this on weekends/one day a week. Well, yes sort of. I get a lot done in the winter and puttering can do wonders when you have the energy for it.