Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bloom Day Overflow

Every day is Bloom Day overflow in the tall flower meadow. It will never all fit in one post. The Black Eyed Susans, Rudbeckia fulgida are joining in now with the R. hirta.

I might be lying to myself for a bit of self congratulations, but I swear the sunny utility meadow end of things is getting more and more floriferous. All I had to do and keep doing is edit out the steel rooted clematis vine that wants to smother everything. Given a chance there will more wild flowers.

This is what we want. The only way to get there is by hand editing. You can't spray your way to this.

Joe Pye is getting ready to go. Joe Pye has been self sowing big time. I do need to make a bit more of an effort to get this dark flowered form to the opposite end of the sunny utility meadow.

My new Plume Poppy, Macleaya cordata is blooming. I thought this plant was supposed to be more about the foliage, but that is a pretty cool bloom spike. The color is a pale cream orange. I am so looking forward to this being a five to six foot tall swarm in the garden and having enough to take divisions from. It will definitely need to be repeated elsewhere.

I can just imagine the Bloom Days in the years to come as my editing gets more and more refined once the thugs are removed.

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Jean Campbell said...

"You can't spray your way to this." -- a profound statement.