Saturday, July 19, 2014


It rained for at least thirty hours. I had another day off and another nice long nap. It's odd how fidgety I can get when I am cooped up. I don't sit still well. Oh well.

This kind of wet at this stage of growth of the tall flower meadow is when things begin to fall down. I pay more attention now to those plants that remain standing.

The Ratibida columnifera is still here. It's numbers are dwindling. It stands up, but the competition must be too tough for it to thrive and multiply.

The Eryngium yuccifolium is a known flopper. It is worth having though. It just means it shouldn't be growing next to any paths.

Clematis stans is coming into bloom. It is a rambling herbaceous shrub by nature. I need to know the habits of things because Gardy don't stake and tie up no plants. Floppage is acceptable within limits of type and quantity. A complete failure to stand up is a qualification for dismissal. Stand on your own or face banishment.

Sadly, at eight feet tall, the ironweed has great trouble standing and when it falls it bends right at the base next to the ground. Those stems will have to be cut off before they have a chance to bloom.

It's moist out there. Now we are in the misty fog phase of things. The rain appears to have ended.

The tall flower meadow grows on.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I would love to have some of that moisture. Everything looks quite happy.

Lola said...

Pretty. Wish I could raise the plant in the 2nd pic.

Lola said...

Have you seen the Garden of Eden, Maui Botanical Gardens & Arbaretum. The Hana Lawa Tube or Turin Falls?

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa I'd give you some if I could. We keep getting more.

Lola that plant is native in Florida. You should be able to grow it. Yes I have been to Garden of Eden and the Maui Botanical Garden, not the lava tubes and not sure about the falls. Saw plenty water falls there.