Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Rain On A Bloom Day

By the time I thought Bloom Day, it was late, very overcast and threatening rain. I wasn't sure I was going to have enough light for any picture taking. Thank goodness for photo editing programs.

All the liatris I have been planting is starting to have an effect in the garden. I saw hundreds of seedlings this spring. Let's hope they survive the Lush.

Allium somebody is doing well. I bought one and have been dividing it. Now there are five fat clumps. It would show up better with shorter neighbors. I'll have to think on that.

The Gloriosa Daisy, Rudbeckia hirta are on their own. I might transplant some from out of the roadside vegetable garden just to get them out of there, otherwise they self seed and move about by themselves.

There are way more blooms out there in the wild cultivated gardens than I could easily catalog. A lot of it acts like floral filler in a bouquet, a back drop for the bigger and showier blooms in the arrangement.

Uncle Ernie in his Gloriosa.

The entire row of daylilies along the rickety split rail fence that protects us from the scenic byway were grown from collected seed. Some of them came out nice. Note the floral filler in this arrangement.

The daylilies are in full bloom and we got hundreds. She still wants more.

I've been fascinated with the blooming dill.

That's my Bloom Day because it did start to rain hard, again, and chased me inside. Be sure to visit Bloom Day headquarters in fabulous Indianapolis for more blooms from around the world.


FIGGY said...

the dill is lovely to look at. I have a fennel plant I like to let go to seed and admire. Thanks for getting a blooms day together. It takes work keeping up a blog. Thank you for remembering to feed and entertain us: your garden fans. Is it true that a daylily takes about 4 years to develop and bloom from seed?

Christopher C. NC said...

Figgy I think some of those daylilies bloomed in year two. By year three more were blooming. Some of them did not make it. They get tested by the road salt put out in the winter.

chloris said...

Lovely blooms.
I love your Uncle Ernie presiding over the beautiful flowers.
I wish I could get my dill to grow like that and to flower.