Saturday, July 12, 2014

There Is A Reason

They are called the wild cultivated gardens. It takes more time, energy and/or money to control the Lush than we've got.

Since we can't control it, it makes more sense to figure out how to put all this botanical energy to use.

Adding flowers to the mess is a good place to start.

Then add some more.

Nature gets involved with all the ingredients and things start to happen on their own that you may or may not want to control. There isn't enough time or energy most of the time anyway.

At a certain point the show for the year is set and it may be best just to leave it alone. Editing can get destructive.

Twenty five years of incremental daylily planting has pretty well covered a seventy foot long hill. Editing out the Clematis virginiana has made it even better.

Texture added to the uncontrollable Lush also has a big payoff.

Particularly when it can grow as fast and even taller than the Lush.

All that abundance of color is in full sun directly around the roadside vegetable garden. Down in my tall flower meadow it is another story. It is in full sun, but the ingredients are different. These ingredients put on an awesome show late summer into fall.

The Great Lawn and paths are getting fuzzy now. It has been nearly a month since I weed whacked. I wander the paths contemplating some editing. I think about mowing the paths. I know it feels more garden like after a good mowing. Maybe tomorrow I'll have a little energy for that.


Lola said...

This heat can do a person in. It still looks good. Love all those lilies.

Christopher C. NC said...

It was a bit muggy here today Lola. Now anything above 85 starts to wear me down.