Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Every other rain has been a gully washer. I've lost count of how many times we have gotten an inch plus of rain in less than an hour. Culvert Falls has been flowing so regularly I was forced to finally and permanently divert the flow to where it needed to go.

But rain makes Lush even in the shade. My bold foliage additions in the shadier parts of the garden are doing fine in all this wet.

Big foliage like the Rodgersia have are critical to breaking up the little leaf syndrome and saying garden in the wild Lush that grows in the shade.

Big drifts of one thing also make a statement in all this space. One of this and one of that will only get lost in the green monotony.

The Lush is still standing pretty straight and tall considering. There is all kinds of budding going on. All that green will soon burst into bloom. The exuberant chaos of late summer is coming.

Joe Pye is leading the way.

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