Monday, September 15, 2014

A Blue Astery Bloom Day

It's September. That means one thing for certain; blue asters.

September is always my Blue Aster Bloom Day. When you go to Bloom Day Headquarters you can check Carol's archives for September's Bloom Day for many years back. All my posts will be about blue asters.

Great swaths of the wild cultivated gardens have turned blue because the blue aster is a weed that is not a weed and it is not pulled unless it is sitting on top of something else we like.

There are two blue asters here. My not favorite one because it falls over the second it blooms and is five to six feet tall is the New England Aster.

I much prefer the more petite Blue Wood Aster. It blooms quite well in sun and the high shade of the forest.

We got plenty more kind aster. There are three white ones. I ID'd this once and forgot who it is. It's the tiny white aster with the red eye.

This is the Frost Aster. I take that as a warning.

This is the White Wood Aster.  I feel like I may be leaving some aster out because I can never be quite sure whose what and what is who when it comes to asters. They play games with their colors. I have blue wood asters that look white. There is definitely a white New England Aster or imposter out there. There could even be white asters out there turning blue.

I do know one thing for certain. There are more of the white asters every year. They have been spreading under my editing regimen.

I left the blue aster in the roadside bed when I weeded this spring. The grasses are getting so large they are hogging the entire space. The asters nestle in with them well.

The grasses are even blooming now. September is pretty much the last chance to get your business done.

Blue Wood Aster and White Snakeroot join in the shade of the forest trees.

Put it all together and you get a spectacular September Bloom Day.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Nice collection of Asters.

JudyB said...

Thanks for identifying the frost aster for me--much easier than keying it out with Radford, et. al.

(commenting from the Madison County Library--how I long for convenient internet!)

Danna said...

Love, love, love your new, fall wallpaper!! Joe Pye and Asters are great...with iron weed and golden rod mixed in.

Christopher C. NC said...

Maybe I could use some more kind asters Lisa?

Judy I have two good wildflower books I use.

Wildflowers of NC by Justice, Bell and Lindsey and

Wildflowers of TN, the Ohio valley and Southern Appalachians by Horn and Catheart. Between the two most of the ones I find can be ID'd.

I like my new header too Danna.