Thursday, September 18, 2014

When The Chaos Is Forgiven

On those mornings when I get moving a few minutes earlier or I if can be a few minutes late getting to work, a walk through the garden is that much slower.

I have to push my way through in places now. It is not possible for the Tall Flower Meadow to stand completely upright. Long sprays of flowers lean in to the paths. I can handle that. I'm not one to be offended by brushing up against the shrubberies.

Though I walk through a meadow towering over my head, I fear no varmints. I have been in there weeding far too much for that. Plus anything with thorns has been banished.

This is the grand finale of the time of vegetation. I wait all year for this. My slow attempts at garden structure and some sense of order have long since been engulfed by the Lush. The under garden is no where to be seen.

And each year I am shamed and awestruck by natures display, a display that keeps telling me what this garden wants to be.

In my wisdom and laziness I am able to accommodate the requests made by nature.

The mess, the mingling, the floppiness, all is forgiven when confronted by such a grand display.

I need a bench right here. I'll call it the September bench. By this time in the season of vegetation I am actually ready to sit and behold.


Lola said...

I would never get anything else done. Love the idea of a bench here.

Rebecca said...

Make that September bench big enough for two (at least)!

That last photo - well ALL of them - is AMAZING.

I've got the "laziness" part down pretty well; need to work on the "wisdom" a bit.....

Rebecca said...

Oh. I meant to say that in my humble opinion, your written narrative has developed right along with the Lush. Concise, fresh language and unique, personal style combine to be a MOST interesting explanation and accompaniment to the photographs of your place.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Luscious. You should be quite happy with the way Nature plays with you.