Sunday, September 14, 2014

What Is Enough

How much color do I need in the Tall Flower Meadow?

Should every visible late season plant have a bloom?

Can I have such a profusion that the green is all but eliminated?

There is certainly a lot of color right now. Can there be more?

I don't have an answer for any of that. I did however have three full sacks of seed heads that were tossed out into the Lush today. There were several colors of tall phlox, a white coneflower and a purple aster.

It certainly can't hurt to toss sacks full of seeds out there.

The driveway side bed has been in a bit of a lull waiting on the asters. It got some white coneflower.

All the tall phlox went east into the sunny utility meadow end of things.

It is quite colorful now, but the plant diversity is lower on the east end of things.

More won't hurt. Maybe it will be enough. My access to sacks of seed heads is pretty unlimited though. I can toss in plenty of ingredients for free. That makes letting go of the results much easier.


LostRoses said...

You can't have too much. Especially with an unlimited supply of seedheads.

Lola said...

Toss all you can. It sure won't hurt.

Danna said...

Your pictures #1 and #9 are so brilliant, they actually glow!
I take it the bags of seedheads must be from your deadheading the spent blooms...?

Christopher C. NC said...

LostRoses I have a lot of meadow to cover and more major editing to do in sections. Plenty room for sacks of seeds.

Lola I need more liatris. I'll get a sack of that soon.

Danna the sacks of seeds are from deadheading and cutting down for the season from other gardens. I don't deadhead here. Just chop it all down Jan/Feb before the daffodils get too tall.