Saturday, September 27, 2014

On To Senescence

The color has started to fade.

The White Snakeroot has already turned to fuzz ready to take flight.

Soon only the blue will remain.

Every last moment of bloom counts now.

By winter only the grasses will be left.

This is my new Tatarian Aster gifted over the summer as bareroot whole plants getting ready for bloom. I chopped off their heads opting for survival over this year's flowers. They went ahead and sent up some tiny new bloom spikes. The intent is to remove the tall and floppy New England Asters and replace them with the more sturdy Tatarians.

I will always have the Blue Wood Aster.

The big senescence, the one that most people can't avoid noticing is yet to come. The forest is still contemplating things. The flowers will finish. The forest will turn.

I will be here watching.


Lola said...

Oh to enjoy all that beauty.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola that is where the blog comes in. Next best thing to being here.