Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The First Of Autumn Splendor

It was 46 degrees when I woke up. That was six more degrees than I was expecting so it didn't feel all that cold. It was a warm 46 degrees. I need to remember that when 46 degrees is the high for the day.

The calendar now says what the asters have been telling me, autumn has begun.

There is another week of peak bloom at best. Then it will all begin to fade away. Sometimes quickly and sometimes slowly, depending upon when the frost arrives.

The grasses will last through it all.

But we have plenty of quality blue aster time left to go.

Pe'a lele's okole got a bad review on Facebook so he had a makeover and then got two coats of clear protective enamel. Now all I have to do is climb 20 feet up a tree. I will be ready for the barren time.

Our mountain is a waving ocean of blue asters.

Because our weeds are not weeds they are wild flowers.

And their splendor rivals that of the coming colors of the forest trees.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it is your photographs, but your garden looks prettier than it has ever been, more flowery and full.

Christopher C. NC said...

I think it has been more full this year too Frances. I hope it is from my editing and will continue and not be a one time thing. Even the sunny utility meadow east end of things had more flowers this year. That still needs a lot more editing.