Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Before It All Fades Away

I haven't done any kind of chores in the garden in weeks.

There is no need.

It's wild and abundant and chaotic

And it looks mighty fine.

Besides, it will all be over soon.

Then winter will have its way.

And the Lush will be but a ghost of its former self.

There is no need for me to tend the garden now.

The vegetable garden might could maybe use some attention at some point. No hurry.

I'm busy enjoying what is, the way it is now.

Before it all fades away.


Lola said...

It is beautiful the way it is.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola I am liking the idea of doing all my editing before mid-June, then letting go and standing back to see what happens.

Unknown said...

I agree with is just beautiful as it is!! Today was so clear....went up to Water Rock Knob and had a could see for miles...a few trees are turning.

Swimray said...

I love the wide angle landscape shots.