Monday, November 9, 2015

A Day Without Sunshine

If this trend of non-stop wet continues after the cold arrives, there's gonna be a lot of snow this winter. I bought a new snow shovel before a panic sets in. Not that I intend to be shoveling a lot of snow mind you. A path to my truck parked at the top of the drive will suffice.

The barren time is here. The garden's bones, still small, are revealed.

My baby evergreen trees are still babies. They have yet to leap.

Remember when it was a Tall Flower Meadow? The winter garden is an etch a sketch of colored dots and lines on the earth. Slowly, ever so slowly, a designed composition takes shape.


Lisa Greenbow said...

I think the evergreens will be a bit slow to leap since they are buried all summer. When they do it will be fantastic.

Lola said...

The light will help.