Sunday, November 1, 2015

Finding The Under Garden

One hundred camassia, twenty five tall, yellow, species lily and six eremurus got planted today. What will the garden look like next year? It's always a mystery.

The threatened rain wasn't amounting to more than intermittent mist. After the bulbs were planted, I kept gardening. There may not have been a killing frost yet, but the time of vegetation is essentially over. The Lush was looking ragged and I have an evergreen under garden of winter interest I wanted to find. I got to chopping.

I try my best to do some weeding around the under garden plants during the growing season. The most critical reason being they need the sunlight. I really need to be more ruthless. Everything was looking pretty good after five months of burial.

The slowest growers and the least robust are the Emerald Spreader Japanese Yews, Taxus cuspidata 'Monloo'. I'm not sure why they are acting so fussy. Their description at Monrovia implies a tough, no fuss plant of moderate growth rate. Maybe next year, year three, they will leap.

With no killing frost, this is what I get from one of my Japanese Maples. The forest is nearly naked and the Japanese Maple is in full color two weeks later than everything else. I guess I can expect this once every seven years. Nice.


Lola said...

So glad you got your bulbs in. Mist is good for them. Love that last pic.

Sallysmom said...

That maple is beautiful.

C. C. said...

That maple is a stunner. The warm temps are surprising this year. Accuweather's long range forecast shows NO freezing temps in Piedmont NC until mid-December. That can't be. We've gotten only one wimpy frost so far, 2 weeks ago. I'm not complaining, I guess, but it's weird.

Lisa Greenbow said...

I think you can thank El Nino for this color. It is worth waiting for.