Sunday, November 22, 2015

There Were Some Adjustments

The day started with the lingering wisps of the first not quite snow of the season. Whatever it was, it was cold, white and frozen. Nobody wanted to go outside. It was too cold.

Hours passed and there was no warming. The temperature was stuck. Would I want to move any gravel today?

Finally around two in the afternoon, the sun peaked out and a few meager degrees were added to the daily total. There was little wind. Good enough. I had some adjustments to make.

Yesterday's attempt at the planting pocket on the basement patio did not feel right at all. I know one thing. If it does not feel right, than it is wrong.

Gravel began to move. I thought about adjustments. Five out of six rocks fell over and started to wiggle around. When satisfaction was achieved, the tan bricks were added. Joe Pye is safe in the newly adjusted planting pocket. Much better.

Several more wheelbarrow loads of gravel made it down to the patio before the realization sunk in that it was still too damn cold. It was crazy for me to be out there doing this when the high was hovering around thirty one. I will say long underwear is a miracle garment.

On a very cold day, it certainly qualified as winter like, the patio planting pocket was adjusted. Now I will live with it for a while before determining if any more adjustments are needed.


Lisa Greenbow said...

I do like the the adjustment of the rocks. It looks more natural. I like natural. Those tan bricks look better than the other brick. I think they still throw off the balance of the pocket. If they won't be seen when the plants grow it will be ok. Hard for me to say not knowing what your thoughts are.

Dana Foerster said...

I agree with Lisa......the tan bricks look much better. Will you be using your new gravel space for seating and entertaining or is it mainly for walking space, sans-mud?

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa I want the pocket space well defined. Who knows when a stone floor will get done. Then the bricks would not be needed. In the summer they will be pretty well hidden and more so when I fill it with dung after I am satisfied with a final grade.

Dana I definitely intend to put a table and chairs down there and make a big effort not to store crap on the patio.

Lola said...

Looking good, my friend.