Friday, November 20, 2015

A Garden In Winter Mode

Bits and pieces are all that is left of the Tall Flower Meadow. I chopped most of it down and left it where it fell. I could have left it standing all winter, but another garden lives here half of the year.

Steadily, I have been planting the Under Garden of winter interest to get me through the cold times.

Beyond evergreen plants, there is massive stone structure in the garden that is half hidden during the time of vegetation.

There are tiny spirit baubles about filled with the mana of Wamboldtopia.

There is the beginning of big mana in the form of more stone structure. I need rocks, lots of rocks.

Drying grasses slowly reveal some clear round glass.

Progress has been made. I will still have a garden in the winter's barren time.

There are regular distractions in this garden in the wilderness. This is the trash I found halfway down my driveway this morning. Now how did that get here?

One ginormous rock lives in the forest. The stream runs beneath it.

An old garden folly lives by the edge of the scenic byway. Those trees in the house have got to go.

But there are plenty chores to do in the winter garden. I'm seeing a 30% chance of snow in the diagnosis for tomorrow night, followed by a day of blustery cold with a high below forty degrees. That is potentially below my minimum operating temperature.

Tomorrow while I can, the basement patio will be cleaned and made ready to tote gravel. I might even start toting some gravel. The basement patio is going to be my big winter project this year.


Lola said...

I agree those trees have got to go. I'm glad you have a view for winter. The project will keep you busy.

Barry said...

Hunters can be such slobs. I looked at the ginormous rock and envisioned a few slab kine rock pieces arranged like fins or flukes of a stone land whale. From a different angle, maybe not. But your winter garden grows.

beverly said...

I smile in recognition as I also have summer and winter projects, and many of the winter ones involve stone or clearing. Gardening is similar everywhere. Just watch your back with that gravel; that's your livelihood you are talking about!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

The wind deposits all sorts of bags, papers etc in my garden. It can be most annoying. It will be fun seeing how the patio comes along. Stay warm.

Sallysmom said...

Looks like folks "gift" you with trash as well. It is so frustrating how humans will dirty their environment with no thought as to what they are doing. My husband walks the road and picks it up but the next he will report that someone decided he needed a Coke bottle or whatever.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola if those trees were easy to take out they would be gone. They are stuck between the highway, the power lines and of course the chimney, which means they can't just be dropped. They would have to come down very carefully in sections.

Barry I am thinking the bag of deer food came from the same person who deposited a beer can and almost ran over my mailbox. There is a whale rock in the forest. It would be pretty hard to properly scale fins or a fluke for the ginormous rock.

Bev as long as there is no snow on the ground and the temp is above my minimum operating temperature, there is always something that can be done in the garden. There is a fresh crop of branches on the ground from the last big wind.

Lisa up here the wind blows the trash deeper into the forest from where it is left on the side of the road. May be snow tonight, first of the season.

Sallysmom I picked up a half mile both sides of the scenic byway last weekend. In less than 24hrs there was new trash. Beverage containers are the main item tossed, followed by fast food sacks.

Lola said...

Always picked up the trash on my property. Funny it was always between me & the church. Yes, we had a church on the property.