Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Killing Frost

I'm seeing lows of 28, 24 and 32 in the upcoming diagnosis. A killing frost may be lurking out there. It's only about a month late. There doesn't look to be any enduring cold coming with it. It's not quite winter yet.

My grasses could use a good freeze drying. It helps them stand through the winter when they have a chance to dry before they get pummeled with a heavy snow. In the barren time every bit of winter interest helps.

The winter under garden of a low mounding tapestry of texture and color on the slope below the cozy cabin is slowly coming along.

The right side was planted a good two years before the left and has a bit more substance at this point. It will take a few more seasons to even things out and for the whole thing to grow into the vision that lives in my head.

Parts of this little garden project are truly the slowest to become that I have experienced in my entire gardening life. I have a very long gardening life with a lot to compare it to. My client's gardens grow faster than this.

The reasons for this are multiple; elevation, shade, a long barren period, competition - I let the wild things go wild, a big garden to fill and a lack of time, money and interest for proper beds. The use of dwarf cultivars slows things down enough before the previous list piles on.

This could be an annual lament for many more years in the transition to the barren time. It's always a shock to go from the Lush to the barren and only find a baby garden hiding underneath.

Patience. Grant me patience and a life long enough to see it happen. Now I must do winter.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

It does take time for our visions to come to fruition.

Lola said...

It's coming. Still warm here.

Rose said...

Even in the winter you have such a beautiful view! Gardening does take patience--my own experience has been that once the plants all "leap" they're suddenly too big for the spot I put them in, and I have to start all over:) A belated Happy Birthday to your mother!