Saturday, November 21, 2015

Everything Is Subject To Adjustment

It has begun. The basement patio was cleaned. Weeds were sprayed. Nine tons of gravel has started to move.

Part of the patio making process is the placement of other features. The patio will need a drain. Long time ago I buried a four inch drain pipe. I bought the catchment box way back then too.

A new step was needed at the north end. I know where to find nice rocks.

A planting pocket takes a shape. Hmmm?

The upper dry stack stone retaining wall was finished two winters ago. It only took me a few years to build it. Fetching rocks takes time.

I keep seeing a bubbling, spring like fountain in this old metal bowl. The metal pipe will be painted and planted.

Red bricks?

Or tan bricks? Or no bricks? The planting pocket will need something to give it an edge until a stone floor goes in. The planter will be filled with dung. The bricks will be set so only the top of them shows. Do I even like this shape?

Do I even like this group of stones anymore? I'm starting to hate the whole thing. I do know there is a Joe Pye Weed in there I like and want to keep right where it is.

I have bricks to use. Maybe random bricks can be sunk in the gravel to give the patio floor some pizzazz in the meantime. Blue glass in the gravel might be nice.

This is what happens when Bad Designer makes things up as he goes with the scavenged materials on hand. Everything is subject to adjustment. Adjustments for grade will definitely need to be made. Once most of the gravel is in place, I will run some level string lines. Absent a stone floor, it isn't exactly critical at this point. I just need to get close for the future.

It has begun. That is the most important part. There is nothing inherently wrong with doing the creative part in process when the function is known. By spring, if not sooner, I will have a working basement patio with a gravel floor.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

It is always exciting to get a new old project going. The creative juices start to stir and adjustments made. Fun fun. You have some neat things to work with.

Rebecca said...

I'm betting the bricks surrounding the planting pocket will be gone soon (but that's just me). I totally can relate to the fluidity of the design process. A fountain would be perfect in the old metal bowl....Can't wait to see the evolution.

JudyB said...

I'm not sure about the shape or the location of the planting pocket, but I like the way the bricks subtly echo the color of the house supports.

Lola said...

Adjustments, adjustments, I'm all for them. Nothing looks right till it's the way we want it.