Sunday, June 4, 2017

Another Day In The Garden

They didn't go far. I was satisfied after a few arrangements on the main path into the garden. For now. I can always take them for another walk if the mood should strike.

I liked the view from the front porch too. It is already on the agenda to limb up the Kousa Dogwood when it is finished blooming. I want more sun to get beneath it. That will reveal the other blue glass orb from the front porch.

My other main project for the day was replacing the light fixtures on the basement patio. They were not doing well with the snow sliding off the roof. I thought a spiked top would help.

They came in black or white. I didn't want either color. Step one was to take them apart and paint them grey.

It has become apparent that the exterior lighting mounts are wrong. I don't know if they are installed wrong or if they are the wrong kind. All my exterior lighting mounts are wrong. That is what you get when you are not an electrician and build your house yourself.

It is now on my list to change all the exterior lighting mounts one day. I would prefer they be right.

There is enough going on out there to distract me in the meantime.

And you just know the old light fixtures are going to find a new home. I like that shape a lot. I can easily see a tree in the forest having a light fixture.

The first lily is here.

Some much appreciated rain fell today. I have been having to water pots and vegetable gardens. I don't like that. Rain is way easier.

So ends another day in the garden. It has been a very artsy spring this year. Big yellow pots with Chinese Rhubarb, a rusty Mobeel, hand made glass flowers and now cement urns with blue glass orbs have found a home in the garden. Lord it's going to be busy out there in the barren time.

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Lisa Greenbow said...

Bubbles in the garden. Nice. I like your new light fixtures too.