Thursday, June 1, 2017

When The Lush Turns Wild

It only takes a month to go from everything is so fresh and green and beautiful to Oh My God! It's no wonder that most people's sane response is to mow it all down.

But then I am not sane. I am a gardener. Even worse, I let many plants run wild.

I'm the sad gardener because this is all my baptisia can muster. It is too wimpy to deal with the Lush.

The garden has turned wild over night. I will wander and edit. Then a good path mowing will soothe my maintenance gardener's nerves.

There is more than one way to add some tame to the wild. Making a bold statement is a big help.

Big bold foliage in long sweeping blocks can't be missed in the generally finer foliage of the Lush.

Big leaves? I need more.


Lisa Greenbow said...

An exciting time in the garden.

beverly said...

My baptisia (the straight species) is in full sun with no competition and it flowered about like yours. I have been reading about this and apparently the (now many) cultivars all bloom better than the species. "Blueberry Sundae' was one specifically recommended to me. I am going to try it; maybe one could fall out of the ground and follow you home!