Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Channeling Almighty Falls

Another afternoon of digging and rock tossing and a stream bed has begun to present itself.

I dig and toss rocks to the side and then toss the rocks a bit further aside to make room for forming a nice deep and wide channel. I will lose interior space when the rubber liner gets covered in rock.

The upper channel is pretty much a done deal. It needs some smoothing and added height in places. Otherwise it is wide enough and deep enough for what I need. The rubber liner covers the base and it is then covered with a fresh layer of artistically placed rock.

The Almighty Falls is a good ten foot drop. I plan to rebuild what is a series of steps below so it won't be one long drop. The water will flow over that rock below the green metal flashing. That goes of course. It feeds another spring into the mud hole.

That exposed bare ground is one solid slab of rock. It has to be the bottom of the stream bed.

The plan is to split the stream to flow around both sides of the big rock in the center right. These pictures don't really do justice to the true lay of things. You have to get inside the mud hole to get a feel of how things will really flow.

The pond got another load of gravel. It will basically be a sloping bowl with a flat shelf around the entire perimeter for rock placement and liner hiding.

The Almighty Falls is moving right along.

Back home, chaos is about to explode.

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Lisa Greenbow said...

Interesting to see the progression of the big drop.