Monday, June 19, 2017

The Calming Chaos

Omm ..... I come home to chaos and it calms me after spending my days in proper gardens where everything should be just so.

There are no weeds that must be pulled in my garden. I can edit when the moment suits me. No rush needed.

Company coming? No worries.

The garden is always ready for visitors. I don't have weeds to worry about.

The paths might be mowed if needed.

Wild hydrangea roam free in my garden. Shrubbery most certainly are not allowed to do that in a proper garden.

Iris in the middle of the Great Lawn that has no grass, I have that.

Poke Milkweed, Asclepias exaltata, is not a weed.

We like our weird flowers. They can stay.

Gardey is overbooked and feeling a bit stressed of late. So many needs to fill and only one of me to do it all.

Omm ...... Give me chaos.


Lisa Greenbow said...

Take a deep breath and enjoy your surroundings. Lovely.

Jan O said...

Perfect description of your lovely chaos. I'm glad to be able to enjoy it from afar.