Thursday, June 22, 2017

Wet And Wild

It rained all day which forced me to sit still for the most part. That is probably a good thing. Rock tossing is strenuous. A day off could save me from ruin.

I do have an umbrella. No reason not to go for a walk in the garden. The top half would stay dry at least. Rubber boots would have kept the lower parts dry.

It is thoroughly wet out there.

Planted vignettes are growing more common in my wild. Editing, growth and regular additions are starting to make an impact.

But it is still very much a wild cultivated garden. I make strong suggestions. I am not in control.

The very late blooming Lemon Drop Azalea is getting ready to bloom. Of all the rhododendrons and azaleas I have planted this one has done the best. I attribute it to location. They get the most sun.

This is going to be a good liatris year. I have planted dozens of them and tossed sacks of seed over the years. This year I finally see lots of bloom spikes. In the meantime I have some nice contrasting texture and foliage for entertainment.

Hidden in the glass.

I was hoping for another color. If they are both going to be white, they should bloom at the same time for maximum impact one would think. Just ten feet of separation changes the sunshine dynamic and so it seems the bloom time.

The evergreen Under Garden of winter interest is now in hiding. I have made sure to give all the plants a skylight through the Lush. Smothering shade is the enemy. As they grow bigger it gets easier.

Wet and wild on a rainy afternoon after a nice long nap.

The wild Hydrangea arborescens is the parent of the infamous 'Annabelle'.

'Hass' Halo' is the newest family member that I was lucky enough to be gifted. Interestingly, I have noted a number of the wild hydrangea here attempting to be lace-caps.

Tomorrow I go back to rock tossing. By the end of Saturday I hope to have the base of a new stream bed formed in the Almighty Falls.

Today was wet and restful.

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Lisa Greenbow said...

It is wet here too. I am forced to clean house. UGH.