Saturday, June 3, 2017

The Scent Of Carrion

First there was a little house cleaning. It could be avoided no longer. The garden would have to wait.

It just grows no matter what I do.

When you know where to look, there are things to be seen. The Goat's Beard is in bloom.

I thought the Fire Pink had been swallowed up and disappeared. One at least remains and it even seeded itself across the path.

I await the Thermopsis.

Two cast cement urns followed me home on Friday. One was broken. It was a nice clean break and a tube of super glue and a ring of silicon caulk seems to have done the trick.

On Saturday two cement urns received blue glass orbs. Tomorrow they will go for a walk in the garden.

It will be a nice day for a walk. After a little house cleaning, the paths were mowed.

The Tall Flower Meadow is reaching a height where a fresh mowing is better enjoyed in use then viewed from above.

The big foliage department has now become what I had in mind. This spring it got two new additions. It will get even better in years to come.

Tomorrow, before there are chores, before there are motorcycles, there will be a quiet stroll in the cool morning.

The scent of carrion will fill the air.

Where will the blue orbs land?

At this time of year, it is hard to tell the garden is full of junk. Two blue orbs in cast cement urns can easily disappear.


Lisa Greenbow said...

I like them by your steps. They look like big bubbles.

Christopher C. NC said...

They do look like bubbles Lisa and I did consider leaving them on the steps. They are quite mobile and may wander a bit yet.

Jan O said...

Thanks for sharing the Goat's Beard and Fire Pink-lovely.