Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Almighty Falls

The Lady of the House wants a new waterfall.

It just so happens there is a decomposed stream with falls and a pond already there. Very decomposed. It also has a natural spring seeping out of the slope over an exposed vein of natural monolithic stone that won't be going anywhere.

This won't be quite like building something from scratch.

The upper course is there and still loosely cemented in place. It is deeper than it looks. It needs to become the smooth base for a rubber lined stream bed.

The base for the lower stream bed inside the crumbling walls must be dug and rebuilt. There's all kind loose rock under that layer of green. Water runs through it.

The existing pond must drain. I won't even try to capture the spring water. Any attempt would be futile. I just can't have standing water under the rubber liner in the pond. It must leave.

Well it turns out this was a cement pond with a fully clogged drain and three feet of accumulated muck.

It now has a new bottom drain, overflow drain and gravel drain bed. The pond will be formed with gravel and the rubber liner placed on top.

One giant ornamental rock that was in the way up above, movable and that the machine could reach has found a new home. Note the natural rock ledge on the left. That will be the back wall of the pond.

The digging and rock tossing to build a new stream bed has begun. I'm taking it back down to the natural massive rock out cropping. Where will the water want to go? The path of least resistance might be best.

One big rocky mud hole is getting a makeover. It is 120 feet long top to bottom and has 35 feet of rise in elevation. The pump is going to be big. The Almighty Falls begins. Wish me luck.

I have finally accomplished the unthinkable. I grew full sized blooming poppies from seed. Many, many other attempts have failed.

The secret seems to be fresh bare dirt and no competition. Without proper beds, that leaves poppies to grow in the roadside vegetable garden.

I have Fly Poison too. Who needs Almighty Falls.


Lisa Greenbow said...

You have one heck of a project going with that falls. Geez. You will need a pump house for a pump big enough to get water up to the top. Good luck. It will be interesting to see it working. I am envious of your poppies. I too have tried them over the years to no avail.

beverly said...

I do indeed wish you luck, and hope your digging summer is less hot than ours. Lordy, rich people are a mixed blessing.

Becky said...

In my experience poppy seeds need light to germinate. You don't so much plant them as scatter them on the surface.