Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Inspector Man Visits

It is unconventional to build a roof on the ground near the building it is supposed to go on. We did it anyway. The physical aspect of building the roof on terra firma as opposed to eight, twelve, fifteen feet and higher in the air if you count how far the cabin floor is from the ground was way easier. This unconventional construction does present unique challenges though, the least of which is that the roof sections must fit the walls exactly. I mean exactly, like within a quarter of an inch. We measured a lot.

It is time to put on the light stone colored metal roof . Everything we do to the roof on the ground is less that needs to be done high in the air on a steep roof above a steep hill.

The complete framing work that will join the roof to the walls and frame the wall between the two roof sections can't be done until the roof is placed on top. Once we put the metal roof on, the framing can't be seen, so we called the inspector man for an early inspection to give him an opportunity to look at the framing of the roof now while it is uncovered and on the ground.

It went well. He was very complimentary and appreciative that we called him to come for a look now. "It looks like you have done this before. Very solid and sturdy." But. The state of NC building code says that the roof rafters must be joined to the roof ridge beam by four toe nails. What? My roof rafters are joined to the roof ridge beam by metal brackets and and 16 nails per rafter against sheer forces. It is way over code engineering wise.

We will have to add a cosmetic unimprovement of toe nails to satisfy the inspector man. That is the kind of construction that sends roofs sailing off in high winds. The toe nails will be just for looks. The real roof construction will remain in place.

He will come back for his next visit and the real final framing inspection when the roof is on and the rough electric, plumbing and mechanical is in.

It went well.

The crane man also came by to have a look at our roof on the ground. Piece of cake for him. No problem. He said it had been over three weeks since he dropped something. This little roof should be easy.

One day soon I may be looking up at my roof.


Les said...

Over three weeks, wow, thats all most a month!

Frances, said...

Hi Christopher, excellent color choice, light but not white. We love our metal roof, the color name was moss, closer to the selection clay in your chart. When we joined the garage to the main house that color was discontinued, naturally so we had to go with cream. It is not noticeable unless we point it out to someone. We can look over the top of the roof from the knot garden. You will probably be able to look at the top of your roof also from up the mountain. Make sure they are not going to discontinue that color if you want the same for your main house. Also, the computer taking turns issue, is wireless available up there? It really made my life better when the blogging began, three people using one computer is not fun when one of them is trying to blog. What color are the exterior walls going to be? Doors and trim?

Christopher C. NC said...

Les by the time we call the crane man to lift the roof, he may have dropped something again and be back in his good cycle. Just kidding, he was.

Frances the exterior colors are in discussion since we need to paint the trim boards that go on below the roof eaves now. The first thoughts are an off white, beige called Linen for the house. It is a tone lighter than the metal roof color. All the trim might be Ceasar's Salad a dark green, but not a super deep forest green. Or the trim could be a blue or blue-green color. All of that is rather pedestrian. I am hoping to be struck by inspiration.

Anonymous said...

The day you will be looking up at your roof will be here before you know it! All is looking really nice.

Frances, said...

Oh I like the greens, that will look great in the woods, blending in but not too much. Or are you looking for pop? Blue green sounds perfect, the whole thing will be spectacular. I'll bet you are getting excited now.

Frances, said...

I forgot to say that you could go wilder on the door color too. Easier to change if you don't like it after a while, no ladders.