Sunday, October 7, 2007

Anemone and Asters





Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful combination. For some reason, I don't see many anemones growing in my area.

chuck b. said...

That's nice with the asters.

I think everyone must have a purple aster. I mean, I'm not saying we all have to go get purple asters, but that everyone has this naturally in their area.

What's palpably missing from this picture (not exactly...) is fragrance. Do you agree, or is that just me? That's a missing feeling I would not have had before I started gardening. But now I have it.

(I always expect that anemone to be fragrant. I am always disappointed. California has a fragrant native anenome-type flower called Carpinteria. Tricky plant in cultivation.)

Christopher C. NC said...

Yes the combination is quite nice and as Chuck has suggested there are purple asters every where so this combination was half done by nature and the resident gardeners reluctance to "control" the wild flowers. I think the Anemone would be very nice too at the foot of the much taller purple Ironweed.

Now that you mention it Chuck, yes the fragrance is missing. Compared to the thickly perfumed air that I left not long ago it is missing big time. Hmmm?

lisa said...

Beautiful! You're experiencing the kind of gardening I get to do:accenting the natural landscape with my own contributions. Fun and ever-changing!