Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tree Form

There is this one spot in the forest along the path that seems to show up quite nicely in photographs on a regular basis. Maybe it's the lighting as it is close to the sunny utility valley, maybe the spacing of trees is particularly feng shuied, perhaps the community of tree species allows for the best layering, maybe it is because in this spot they have all turned yellow and simplicity is hard to mess up. Does it really matter when you are looking at a pretty picture?

This grouping of trees might need a little work. The bone structure isn't quite so pleasing and doesn't play off the split rail fence to best effect. It isn't so noticeable when everything is green. Winter would probably be a good time to look at the tree's bone structure. Is it a no no to prune trees in the winter? I have never had to think about such a thing before.

These trees along one of the ponds on a posh estate are much more pampered than ours.

They even show up well as a reflection.

One day some of my trees may be pampered. I'll put it on my list. Pamper the trees.


lisa said...

But what if they don't want to be pampered? Just kidding, I'm sure every tree could use a pedi now and then! ;-)

Carol Michel said...

The general guideline I follow on pruning trees is don't do it when the tree is frozen. My favorite time for tree trimming is either early in the spring, on a warm late February or March day, or summer time. But usually not in the fall. Dead branches can be cut at any time.

"Your rules may vary".