Tuesday, October 30, 2007

One Board at a Time

June the 18th.

That is the day I arrived in the mountains of western North Carolina, a bit outside of Clyde. When I worry about money or the lack of work it seems like a very long time ago. When I look at the current state of my cozy little cabin construction project it seems like it has been forever. In theory it is possible to build such a small edifice in a relatively short time. In theory.

The Languid Enjoyment of Life and a fall back cabin for a winter residence allowed for a casual approach to the necessity of construction. All in good time.

When I look at a calendar, I realize I have only been in the mountains of Western North Carolina for four and a half months. That is no time at all.

My much thinner body, dinged up hands and often stiff back tell me I have been busy for quite some time getting things done. Bit by bit a cabin is being built. Plant by plant a new garden grows.

Today while putting on the ledgers for the back stoop I saw this blue/black bug underneath my feet. It would not sit still long enough to get a crisp shot. It looks like a Queen with that tremendous abdomen and it was on a mission, moving quickly to..... one step at a time......or in this case, three steps at a time.

A front porch begins to make an appearance. A few boards, a few brackets and some nails. It does not look that complicated, but let me tell you that cipherin for plumb and level and proper elevation is very time consuming.

We keep at it before the cabin's winter storage of sorts sets in. I will still have the basement patio walls to build and deck flooring to lay and I hope a dern JOB soon. I have also been given an additional deck flooring redo to do at the resident gardeners house. It's only fair. I will gladly pull up the old deck boards and put in the new. One board at a time.

The air is so crisp and cool that I don't even break a sweat. At the end of the day my hands are the only things that seem to need cleaning. Trust me that is a new feeling after working in the tropics for twenty years.

The sky is so blue now. The trees are so cool now. As they thin out I am getting a new view. The horizon in all directions is beginning to peek through.


Phillip said...

I love this time of year and like you said, it is so nice to be able to work outside all day without breaking a sweat. I wish it could last longer.

lisa said...

You seem to be adapting beautifully. I like that bug, looks like a hand grenade with legs!

Christopher C. NC said...

This cool or should I say cold weather has been much less painful than I had anticipated. It has been quite nice really. Of course it is only just beginning.

Ha ha Lisa. You're right. It does look like a hand grenade.

chuck b. said...

The American south is amazing for those beautiful, crisp fall days.

Three steps at a time--that made me laugh.

I think I would like to feel my body getting thinner from work. Sitting at a desk all day, it just keeps getting bigger. Sort of.

Xris (Flatbush Gardener) said...

It looks like a giant ant.