Sunday, February 24, 2008


I got in my truck to go to the grocery store and it wandered off course for a bit. My current fascination with stone landed me here.

What was it used for?

A building made entirely of stone.


chuck b. said...

Does it look like it was used for more than one thing over the years? Like maybe the metal chute and that concrete foundation were added sometime after the stone walls. Although the doors hang on metal sliders. What skill to build those walls, eh?

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Are you getting some inspiration here? It sure is an interesting building. You can be glad you aren't buiding your cabin from all that stone. Whew

Christopher C. NC said...

I have an inkling, could be wrong, that it may have been an apple cider processing plant. This was apple central for a long time. It has moved south a scooch.

My thoughts exactly Lisa. Thank goodness I am not building anything that big by myself from stone.