Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Diminishing Podge

Look. Over there.
The perk test pits are giving up their stones.
Yes way over there.

It has begun.
It's time to start fetching stones from afar.

The rockpodge nearby is fast disappearing.

Three of the monolithic stones were rolled
to the general area where they may eventually rest.
Something like that, but not that particular arrangement.
A gravel base needs to be slipped in beneath them
Before I bother with a final composition.

Or do I want soil for planting around them?

I don't know.
I'll think about it while I fetch stones.


Frances, said...

You must have mucles like Arnold S. by now with all that rock moving!

Frances at Faire Garden

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Podge is a new word for me. It sounds good. Much better than rock pile. Rock pile makes my mind think of chain gang. Not such a pretty picture. :)

Christopher C. NC said...

I wish Frances. I'd need suppliments for that. More like the muscles of Barney Fife.

n.1. A puddle; a plash (light splash).
2. Porridge.

Those kinda work too Lisa. The Podge came from my Hodgepodge of mixed stones