Thursday, February 28, 2008

Scenes From A Snow-In

The Blue Pot With Backup

The Eagle Has Landed

Shadow Dancer

Stone Rhythms

The Cold Beneath My Cabin

On Hold

The Slow Stack

Pile Up

The Sentinel

Real Bird Food

The melt has begun in earnest. I should be freed by lunch time tomorrow.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Wonderful series of snow pictures. I think the logs look like huge mushrooms with their white caps.

The shadow of the butterfly sure makes one think of lovely things to come.

EAL said...

That's a lot of snow-about the same as we have in Buffalo. I guess it must be the part of NC you're in. How much nicer to have it in the country. I could be a bit more enthusiastic about it. A bit.

chuck b. said...

It's remarkable how much that really does look like an eagle. Or a bird.

chuck b. said...

I mean, some other bird.

Anonymous said...

Very cool pix! You have missed your calling; you have real talent!


The County Clerk said...

That snow-melt-snow things really helps to pack the gravel though.

lisa said...

Your "pile up" pic would warrent concern if you were building up here...we get roof collapse from snow load in Wisconsin on a regular basis. Even large businesses from time to time.