Friday, February 15, 2008

Let The New Wall Begin

In may not be noticeable in this rockpodge, but I have been scrubbing and sorting stones. I may have even acquired a bit of a tan on my exposed parts sitting out there on a bucket on my future sunny patio overlooking the valley of future botanical delights.

The face of the wall starts at five feet back from the center of the columns. With a small cafe table and chairs it might be a tiny bit of a squeeze between a table and the columns, but with six feet between each column and an overall size of 14' x 35' it shouldn't be too difficult to make an easy flow through the space. A simple basic path that winds through the columns will help determine the ultimate placement of the patio's features.

There are some monolithic stones I pulled out of the hill that are a real task to wiggle around. Too big really for me to get them into the wall. I will use some of them for a sculpture of some sort and have a few planting pockets in the future stone floor. These elements will help define a path.

Once all the stones are stacked into a wall I can dig out the rest of the patio floor to the proper depth and fill it with the packed gravel base.

This really is a BIG project. It is one thing to have a vision. It is something else entirely to actually do it. I am still weeks or even months away from completion. It has kept me busy through the winter and from going stir crazy, so it's a good thing.

The other really big thing I only showed you part of was the patch of Snowdrops.

Except for the ones that have escaped the patch, by self seeding I am guessing, both above and below it on the hill, that's the main patch. That's a nice big clump of Snowdrops.

And there are more and more bulbs poking up through the ground every day. The best is yet to come. The resident gardeners are a little bulb crazy.


Frances said...

We can see the vision. The cafe table and chairs, mimosas, as you gaze out on that zillion dollar view. It's starting to take a shape that can be seen. Great work!

Frances at Faire Garden

chuck b. said...

Even without having many plants in your garden, I have been enjoying your garden outside Clyde immensely lo these many months. It's thrilling to think it's going to get even better.

Christopher C. NC said...

Thank you Chuck. Thank goodness to for the forest, native plants, the weather and road trips.

Layanee said...

You may have much to do but look at all you have accomplished! I am enjoying your process and the snowdrops...lovely!