Sunday, March 28, 2010

Maybe Tomorrow

You can forget that even in low light, rainy conditions, daffodil yellow is blinding to the camera. Just maybe if the sun comes out tomorrow, the first daffodil of 2010 will officially be open, nearly three weeks later than the spring of 2009. I blame it on the snow pack.

The wood features of the cozy cabin are near ready for staining. The question will be light or darker. I need to chose the tile for the floor and should probably pull out one of the kitchen cabinet doors to help decide. Should the ceilings be lighter than the large rafters or all the wood stained the same?

I have vacuumed twice and wet mopped by hand twice and the loft floor still has a white film left from the drywall texture residue. It may need to be scrub mopped again before I bleach it to remove some mildew stains and scuff marks. Where is a fairy godmother when you need one?

It is all light and white inside right now. That will change dramatically with a golden clay colored tile floor (to match my dirt) and walls painted in some yellow/orange/red unknown blend color that will of course, flow. Flow is important.

The meadow style garden will one day flow through the sunny utility valley. This space even makes sense for one of those designs that mimics a river with mass plantings. The hardest part would be the slow process of acquiring the needed mass and my genetic predisposition to "Oh that's pretty. I want one of those."

See. The Chionodoxa are coming up. Another patch of them was in the area rototilled by the skunk in the dead of winter. I should rake that out soon.

Tomorrow I will go look for tile after submitting my application for a passport card. There is a short cut between Flint, Michigan and Buffalo, New York through Canada. I hear it is a nice drive. It should be spring there by July.


Lola said...

Hooray for the daffodils. Spring is here/there. I know you are enjoying it.
Can't help you on the stain. Whatever you choose it will look fabulous. Play around with it, sleep on it but just enjoy it.

Siria said...

Hi Christopher! All is looking up in your neck of the woods. The cozy cabin is looking great! My vote on the stain for the rafters would be to stain them all the same color. The space is small and I think it would make it look chopped up if it was stained 2 different colors. As for the floor, try white vinegar and water to clean it with. Vinegar works wonders! You can apply it on the areas of mold too. I also like to use Oxyclean, but you might not have that at the house and most likely have white vinegar. I'm looking forward to the daffodil show!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to the land of precipitation and more precipitation....

Lighter colors will make the cabin seem brighter inside. Darker colors will have the opposite effect.

Your crocuses bloomed before mine (I've forgotten how many days), and now your daffodils will too (I estimate at least 3 days sooner). I'm assuming it's just that my bulbs were planted last fall and yours are years older.

Re. your genetic predisposition to "Oh that's pretty. I want one of those," I can only say that we must be cousins.

Julie in Henderson Co. (2200')

chuck b. said...

I would use the same stain throughout, and maybe paint a couple walls a different color. It's hard to say light or dark stain. Dark stain would feel more romantic at night, but light stain probably feels cleaner and more calming by day.

Are you still going to use that beautiful blue somewhere to ward off the haints?

We had low light & rainy conditions today too, at the top of Waimea Canyon. A long hike was aborted 0.7 miles in due to mud and a suddenly vertical grade. The book didn't mention that.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola we may even hit 70 this week for a couple of days in a row. That will really get things moving.

Siria, the fairy godmother, thanks for the vinegar advice. I lean to the all one color for stain as well. The wood base boards, window and door trim could maybe be a slightly different stain, a notch up or down in tone. The wall molding between the ceiling and drywall will be the same as the T+G ceiling.

Julie the entire time I was in Maui the weather was exactly the same every day. Sunny with a light breeze and a high around 80 I am guessing. I don't want to make the cabin too dark, but it will have color and not be all pristine white. I am too filthy for that.

Chuck the bathroom and maybe the large loft will be painted different wall colors. It is best to keep the stain the same throughout it seems, though all the loft will have in wood is base boards and window trim.

The haint blue is for the exterior basement patio ceiling. When it warms enough I can prime that and think about finishing the exterior paint of the entire cabin.

You were not supposed to hike the bottom of Waimea Canyon. You are supposed to drive to the top and look down into it. Drive plus scenic overlook.

lisa said...

Glad your spring is springing too...we are getting some weird/welcome 70's this week also. (I just hope a hard freeze isn't lurking somewhere :) If you get a hankerin' for daylilies or hostas I have a blue million that will be divided this year...I'd be happy to send you some!