Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Other Life

Spring is indeed in the air. The clients are calling and my days are being filled with other spring garden chores. This mountain is not the only place where buckets and barrels of sticks need picking up. This is a very good thing.

One can't help but dream though of the life of permanent semi-retirement that would allow uninterrupted puttering chores and cabin building here on the mountain.

A quick late evening stroll to check on the bulbs gets a shot of the crocus. They are blooming. You get crocus for now.

Other life is stirring though. The Hyacinthoides hispanica, Spanish Bluebells are working their way through the stick covered leaf litter.

The Frittilaria verticillata is getting more robust with each passing season.

A few of the varmint food tulips always manage to sneak their way into the bulb show. Those pictures in the catalogs can be hard to resist.

Drifts of bearded iris sprout tiny fans promising a late spring show after the bulbs begin to fade.

Springs pulls me down from the mountain to the valleys below. That is a good thing.

And the new time shifted long days mean a late evening stoll is still possible when I get home.


Darla said...

Lovely photos...spring is delightful...

Anonymous said...

Chris, I'm with you on dreams of semi-retirement. I love, love, love this time of year.

Lola said...

Great pics. It sure is nice to putter all one wants, when one wants. Sure wish I could putter all day like I use to.
Things sure are popping around here. My Japanese Magnolia had 1 bloom on it, like last yr. Guess it'll have to grow more. A lot of my veggies are up & I've planted more. Started working on the bed in the back corner. Slow go as there is some kind of brier that runs all over. Even the roots have thorns. It has a small 5 petal bloom {white} maybe the size of a half dollar. It has berries later. Rather good. Kinda sweet. I thought it may be a wild dew berry. Have you ever heard of them?

Anonymous said...

Love the return of the mountain sunset photos. This one almost looks like a sunrise.


Christopher C. NC said...

Thanks Darla.

Sallysmom I am afraid I will have to wait until I am 70. Even then I made need to suppliment my income with mountain medicinals and trinkets sold at the roadside possum stand.

Lola that sounds like a blackberry to me. You need to get your chores done before it gets hot down there.

Bev the sunset is now back into the framed view zone instead of behind the trees.