Monday, March 29, 2010

Not Yet

It was a cold and rainy day. The daffodils are biding their time, refusing to open until the chances are higher that a pollinator is about.

I shopped for ceramic tile. I hate shopping. It makes one think there could be some advantages to the barren shelves of a communist economy. It is choice overload and I have another tile store to check out on Friday. I also slipped into two nearby nurseries to see how their preparations for the spring planting frenzy were coming along. Their shelves were too bare. I need more choices in the plant nursery.

The ridge top garden is getting tidier with each passing sweep to check on the progress of the bulbs. I may be able to move on to the sunny utility meadow soon to begin the stickage removal there.

This will never be that kind of manicured garden though.

In its bones and in its heart it will always be the wild cultivated garden. The best I can do is makes sure its charms are well displayed. Even now the first flowering wildling, Phacelia purshii is carpeting the ridge top garden. In May it will be a shimmering mat of light sky blue weaving its way through the cultivated.

Helleborus are now joining the other perennials in the ridge top garden. I am not sure why they did not capture the resident gardeners favor sooner. It is an excellent plant for the shade garden with dramatic and durable leathery foliage. It may have been their thought to be late winter time bloom and no one would be here to see them. Their numbers have already begun increasing with the help of generous friends.

The diagnosis is calling for several days of sun this week. It is bound to stir the daffodils to action.


Siria said...

Be thankful you have choices! You will find just the right tile for the cozy cabin, I am sure. I love that second picture in your post. And I love the ridge top uncultivated garden. It is beautiful and charming ~ and definitely full of choices! I hope your sunshine starts shining tomorrow.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I hear you about that shopping business. It is much easier to hire a designer and let them do the picking.You see I work for a designer that does these things so I know how that works. People do much better with just a few choices. Choices can be overwhelming.

I am glad to hear about your stick piles. I had a nice stick pile but everyone thought of it as an eye sore. Of course I live in town on a small lot. I liked my stick pile anyway. My DB has been disassembling my stick pile much to the delight of everyone, except me. I don't like things too manicured. It makes me nervous. Ha...

Anonymous said...

Hi Christopher;

Your daffs are late; I can't wait for the photos when they are out!

Regarding the stain (I missed yesterday's post); keep in mind the wood will darken on its own somewhat; that's what happened to our knotty pine paneling. We had a big lag between doing the ceiling and the walls, and the ceiling is still darker two years later!


Commonweeder said...

Why is it there is always too much or too little. the ridge top garden is beautiful. You've given me something to think about - a friend is giving me some hellebores.

Lola said...

I agree too many choices can confuse. I'd rather have just a few. I like the untidy garden. To me it looks more natural. But in town things must be kept within bounds.
I always like that haze that hung around, mostly in the mornings. But then I wanted the sun to show it's face.
Seems there are always sticks to be picked up. What do you do with yours?