Saturday, March 27, 2010


A day of rain, a night of fog was followed by a thick layer of frost this morning. The sun was out and it warmed to a presentable temperature during the day, at least where I was, doing money paying kind work.

I am sure it was just as lovely up here today. The daffodils are making progress, growing taller with each sunny day of warmth. Still no open flowers though. I did see blooming daffodils down in the valley. It can't be long now for the bloom to reach higher up.

Crocus bloom with their daffodil guardians, the new varmint deterring method. I think all the bulbs from one sack in a bulb order get plopped into one hole for maximum effect. That makes sense in this huge space. The daffodil guardians are extras that come from the annual dig and dispersal fest in the fall.

Headway is being made in the elimination of all the stickage. Most of the tree branches and limbs have been picked up. Now I can concentrate on all the dried stalks from last years perennial flowers. Newly emerging bulbs are always found while removing sticks.

Tonight the wind is blowing good in front of the next weathers. It should just be rain. Wind makes tree sticks though. They never seem to tire of raining sticks down on the forest floor.

Rain is used for working on the cozy cabin. All the wood of the tongue and groove ceiling, the main rafters and beams and the bottoms of the loft floors have been bleached clean and sanded where needed. In tomorrow's rain I will mop the loft floor to remove the white film left from the texturing of the drywall. Then it will be time to choose the actual tile for the floors. This choice will determine how the wood is stained.

There should be more of this Iris reticulta I think. I'll have to mention that come bulb ordering season.

The world's ugliest daffodil, the WUD, is looking very happy and robust this year. Just maybe it could be moved over the fence and back into the garden. Something this hideous needs a very special place though. I wouldn't want it to scare the other daffodils.

There seems to be a trend of more sunny days in between weathers. That is a good thing.

Enough already with the monsoon and the Siberian winter. It is time for sunshine and average rainfall.


Lola said...

Glad there was no white stuff. Each day is better. Love that Purple/blue iris.
Sticks are a nuisance I know but mother Nature is cleaning her trees as if to comb out the bad hairs.
Still cool here especially at night. As far as I know we have not hit the 80ยบ mark for this yr. in my area. We did have that wind too. At NAS it really was windy.

Siria said...

We've hit the 8o's here, although the weather has been spectaclar this year! It looks like things are coming around up there too...the weather, the Bulbapaloozathon and the upcoming move-in day! That cozy cabin is coming right along! Hope your weather continues to warm up.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You seem to be picking up lots of sticks. I can imagine the pile you must have. What do you do with them?

Kitty said...

I'm looking forward to seeing what you call "World's ugliest" daffodil. There is very little variation in the shape and that label has my curiosity piqued.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola in Florida cool weather should be savored.

Siria a little cabin work is being slipped in among the garden cleaning for me and the clients. I am not sure Bulbarella will see it this year since my father is wanting to schedule knee replacement surgery ASAP. That may delay their return until May.

Lisa a lot of the sticks go over the fence into the Kingdom of Madison where they form an additional deer barrier and bird habitat. Some just go into the forest around the garden edges.

Kitty the WUD is probably a Double Narcissus gone horribly awry.

Pam said...

Spring! Glad to see that it's arrived at your mountain.