Friday, May 14, 2010

Billy Goat Gardening

One of the gardening adventures I have been working on this week is weeding, additional planting and mulching of a steep hillside garden.

I have been adding more groundcover shrubs and flowering perennials over the last two seasons. They have me plant an annual display as well. The favored colors are red and purple.

I have moved one full truck load of mulch so far. The beds around the house were done first. The hulking center of the hillside planting remains to be done. It will take another full load. And there are plenty trees that need mulch volcanoes.

The baptisia are looking awesome. I think we could add quite a few more of those to eat up some of the barren stretches of mulch. And salvias. This hillside needs perennial salvias.

Last year it got veronica.


Antique ART Garden said...

Luv-a-ley ,very nice, Gina

Lola said...

Looking very nice. That's a lot of mulch.

Siria said...

It's beautiful!

phrago said...

Hey Chris, Are you planting this garden for a client or did you set the stones yourself. Beautiful. I never did ask you: where did you get the yellow Baptissia a few posts back... Patrick

Christopher C. NC said...

Patrick the stone work and major planting was done when they found me and I started working there. I have installed a new foundation planting on one side of the front entry and planted around a new pond on the other side of the front entry. I have been doing maintenance and addition/subtraction in the rest of the garden. Some fool planted camellias at close to 4000 feet elevation.