Monday, May 3, 2010

May Dreams

"All year I dream of the days of May when the sun is warm, the sky is blue, the grass is green, and the garden is all new again!" So says Carol. It certainly sounds pleasant enough.

Around here it is like a big green bomb has gone off with some major expanding green foam type goo laced with every imaginable color from giant buckets of M&M's. I really do understand Carol's thrill with May now.

All the primrose I know of have returned and most are blooming.

Would you believe we still have daffodils? It's true.

More white bluebells. There are white, blue and pink, large and small bluebells, Hyacinthoides hispanica. Everywhere!

Camassia leichtlinii is a bit floppy. I think it could use some support.

Nice. And this clump really should be divided. I have some full sun locations down at my place where it might not be so floppy.

The parade of iris is gathering steam.

Blue ones

Orange ones

White ones

Purple ones and I am bound to miss some.

The rhododendron show has commenced.

As one could easily guess, there are quite a variety of azaleas, rhododendrons and mountain laurels in the ridge top garden.

The health of the smaller ones seems to be improving since I have targeted the wild things for removal that end up smothering them in the green explosion.

Just a hint of what is to come.

The resident gardeners might even miss the rhododendron show this year. Better hurry.

The carpet of bluebells is not quite at peak.

This was an interesting find, a variegated daylily. Is this a seedling or a store bought planted one? It needs to be moved to a better place and watched. Its current location is not near optimum.

Down at my place the May explosion of a giant bucket of colorful M&M's is just a handful of M&M's so far. The Exbury azaleas "Lemon Light' are in their third year, doing well and growing slowly.

Funny how the cultivated like to grow slow and the wild likes to go nuts in a wild cultivated garden. It will take me years to match the botanical splendor next door.


Carol said...

Yes, another convert! I like the description of the green bomb going off and all the M&M's. Your mountain must be ground zero with all the flowers you have.

Lola said...

Breath taking is all I can say at this point. It is just lovely beyond words.
You must feel like you are in heaven. I would.

Siria said...

Hi Christopher! What gorgeous scenery on your mountaintop! It might take you years to match the botanical splendor next door, but thank goodness you are next door and can enjoy it too! I love your
Exbury azaleas. Enjoy the "show"! You deserve it after this winter.

Ben said...

May certainly is a great time there :) your rhododendrons are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Yes, spring is definitely euphoria time in these parts. And yes, those Camassia definitely need dividing and experimentation with a sunnier spot - call it research. (:


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Yesterday I toured a garden that had just this sort of explosion going on. The owner of the garden said it was 2 weeks past peak but I was still impressed. It was great. I just found out about Exbury azaleas. One learns something every time they tour a garden. I hope the parents get home before the Rhodies are finished blooming. What a shame to miss this May explosion of color.