Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Lush

Is here.

We have passed through 10,000 daffodils and countless minor bulbs. Cherries and dogwood trees bloomed. The deep forest floor sparkled with trilliums, violets and a host of other inhabitants. The rhododendrons are now fading, while native azaleas and kalmias continue on. Iris still keep popping up. Peonies and philadelphus are having their best year ever. The first wave of wildflowers in a carpet of phacelia is getting tattered. This is just the beginning.

The Ox-Eye Daisies herald a new season of lush.

An entire world of herbaceous perennials is about to take the stage for summer.

The Salvia nemorosa is hanging in there, returning each year, not growing larger, maybe even shrinking a bit. I need to move them. They want parking lot sun and are not getting that in their current location. I need to have my electric line dug and buried ASAP.

If I could just get this delosperma in a massive drift. Right now it is scattered in bits here and there, searching for the perfect spot.

My baby rhododendrons and hosta in the garden to be are looking good, but oh it is major shady in there. A little tree thinning would make for better dappled shade.

The black Game Cock Louisiana iris is fixing to bloom its first year here. And when it is done, off to to new home with more elbow room.

Just maybe this cabin will get done this summer. I might need to have a talk with myself and start working nights. Lay off the blogging and strolls for a while. The tile backer board is in the shower. I read two places online to use silicon caulk for a truly waterproof seal in the backer board seams. Made sense, so I did it. The seams will still be taped and mudded to create a smoother surface for the tile. Must measure and go buy shower tiles.

The perfect white peony. Maybe there is a place for a few of them in the gardens to be.

And shrubs. I will be needing shrubberies. I have spotted baby viburnums and rooted rhododendron and deutzia stems. They can all be dug and moved to new homes. I need to make a close inspection around the bases of these spireas.

The lush is easily spread.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

That delosperma is such a pretty little plant. I have never seen it before. I am going to look for some.

Les said...

How can anyone think about indoor chores at this time of year? Things are indeed looking lush on your mountain.

Siria said...

Hi Christopher! Everything looks fabulous on your mountain. And your cabin is looking mighty fine too! There is a compromise with everything, but don't give up the little things in life you enjoy after a hard days work like the garden strolls and your blogging. Your cabin will be finished before you know it.

Lola said...

Such wonderful scenery & more to come. Whether sitting on the porch or sitting at table with a cup of joe that scenery will be worth it's weight in gold.
Take no fewer strolls nor cut back on gardening as it's the mainstay to the Cozy Cabin. She will be in her finery very soon.
Those mtns are very precious.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Things are looking great in your neck of the woods. I wonder if the harsh winter had anything to do with it. Would you be willing to put up with all that snow again for extra-lushness now?

Jean said...

It all looks really lovely! My Salvia nemorosa is also just sitting there, not getting any bigger. Although it gets blasted by the afternoon sun, maybe it gets too much shade in the mornings. Hmm...

Anonymous said...

Christopher, I don't know if it ever gets really hot up there in your mountains, but that's when I do what I call my "inside jobs"; when it's too hot to be happy working in the garden anyway. But yep, I think putting the cabin in move-in condition is now within reach, huh?