Thursday, May 27, 2010

Two Deutzias And A Spirea

A little know, at least to me and little used flowering shrub is the deutzia. There are two Deutzia × elegantissima 'Pink PomPom' shrubs blooming with the two white spirea right now. They are all putting on a good show this year.

This is 'Pink PomPom' up close.

Last fall a new Deutzia 'Magicien' was bought and planted. It survived being deer nibbled and stomped and a winter of heavy snowpack to enter its first spring with a heavy flush of growth and a fair amount of bloom on the older wood. I like this one better.

The deer stomping also seems to have planted a lower branch that has rooted to form a new plant. I think its mine now.

I have not looked yet to see if there are any keiki around the Spiraea nipponica 'Snowmound' (best guess), but simple layering looks to be an excellent way for me to propagate shrubberies in the absence of a greenhouse or coldframe that can provide the warmer temperatures needed for rooting cuttings.

I will be needing shrubs to help define the space in the garden to be. In the wild cultivated garden there are not garden rooms or spaces so much as there are environments where certain plants will grow.

Sun is the main determinant factor and this garden's sun is in short supply.

There is no shortage of shade in the garden to be either. Good thing many of the plants here are easily and often divided, leaving me with the left overs on numerous occasions.

My garden to be could actually be pretty full of plants by the time I can actually devote some real time to it.

I have a general plan of movement or paths through the garden to be and know where the sun and shade is. When a plant attaches itself to me it gets planted in hopefully as permanent a place as seems best at the time. What scares me now are all the trees marked for removal and the growing number of plants beneath them.

If I can build a house I should be able to learn how to drop trees with some precision. I want more sun and some new kind trees.


Lola said...

I like the combination.
I would like to get a brides wreath like it was up home when I was a kid. It is different here. To me not as pretty.
Your gardens look fabulous.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

There are so many beautiful plants in these photos. You will have such fun getting them all growing around the cozy cabin. I have never had luck growing the pulmonarias. I think they are such a neat plant. I am envious of anyone that can get them to grow.

Anonymous said...

Chris, wow! I have never seen pulmonaries with such huge leaves. What is this variety?

Anonymous said...

I bet the kind you remember is what we call the "old timey" bridal wreath. My mom's neighbor lives in her parents home that has bridal wreath her mom planted. Those shrubs are probably 50 years old. I took some cuttings from them.

Siria said...

Hi Christopher! I love the Deutzias and the Spirea, especially the Deutzia 'Magicien'! I need to plant more shrubs in my garden too. My list of "shrubs I want" is growing. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, that 'Magicien' has inspired some serious plant lust! I have been surprised how much shade a deutzia will bloom in, albeit not as heavily.


Lola said...

Sallysmom, that sounds about right.Sure wish I was close enough to get a cutting. I was born & raised in Tn.
Love those mtns where Christopher is, almost. He does have a wonderful place. Like heaven.