Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Moving Along

The rhododendrons are still going strong. The resident gardeners will be here tomorrow. At least they won't miss the rhododendrons.

And they won't miss all the iris.

They will miss half of this rhododendron. I wish this one had had some rooted branches on the broken off parts. Layering, covering a branch with soil along the ground, is a good way to root rhododendron. They do it naturally themselves.

The garden waits for no one and in their time new plants are coming into bloom. A white spirea with a rigid and odd upright form blooms rather dramatically. It's in a bad spot to just let it go completely natural.

The peonies are here. The peonies did not get eaten by caterpillars this year because I squished them when I found them. Bulbarella will be so happy to have peonies and to actually be able to see them.

I'll have to ask if this is the best peony year ever.

We are pushing it with the shade here. They do get the favored sunniest spots to give them the best shot.

The wild abandon grows.

The columbine are peaking. The resident gardeners will be able to see a good columbine year. More rain is arriving at the same time. I sure hope they are not stuck inside for the first day or two after they arrive. That could be ugly.

Down in the sunny utility meadow is a lone Thalictrum revolutum, Meadow Rue I believe, maybe, I need to take a second look. I do remember it from last year.

At this time of year something else is always next.


Siria said...

All looks gorgeous! I know Bulbarella and the Building Contractor will be so happy to be back in the mountains. Hope the rain comes at night!

Anonymous said...

Yay for your parents; they must be really excited! I think there was a method to their madness with this early inheritance..... (:


Lola said...

It all looks great. I'm sure the Resident Gardeners will be thrilled.
Hope they had a nice trip. They are happy, they are home.

chuck b. said...

That's nice that you can layer rhodies. The Calif. rhodies won't do that and they are difficult to propagate, and therefore expensive.

How long will the resident gardeners stay? Are they going to do any work? :)

Christopher C. NC said...

Chuck they will be here until right before Thanksgiving with a beach break in September. Bulbarella will be working for sure as soon as she can get out there, my dad not so much. Like Bev intuits, they now have a younger live in assistant.