Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sun Day

It is near impossible for me to go by the vegetable garden now without stopping in to see what is going on, yank a tiny weed or two and contemplate things. If I am not working for others that day, then I do stop. I stop and putter. Plant a few more seeds. Pull a few more weeds. Wave to all the passing motorists and cyclists and contemplate things.

I really should stop trying to grow cantaloupe or have the patience to not plant them out until June 1st. It's looking like the hypothermia got them again. The watermelon looks fine. Maybe watermelon are not so fussy about cool mornings.

Look at all those nice big sunflowers. Last year it was a major ordeal to get them past the seedling stage. Something kept eating them and it took several tries. This year they just came up like they own the place.

When I was done puttering and felt satisfied I went to work. The shower has butted in line in front of the tile floors. The building contractor says he can do the glass block shower wall. The interior shower walls need to be tiled before the glass block and door can go in. Before the tile is the backer board. Almost done. Then the joints need to be taped and mudded.

When I was tired of hanging tile backer board I puttered some more. This rose survived the excavation that put in the road down to the cozy cabin. Sprang back to life from a fat root piece.

The delosperma has decided to bloom again. Actually it has decided to live again. Two winters ago it near disappeared. I moved some of it to sloping, better drained full sun locations to try and save it. It has done fine. The remnants of the old stuff in the old location did fine too and is blooming first. The mysteries of winter survival.

Nice honeysuckle.

We still have iris.

Someone told me this is the best peony year ever. She is amazed at how big the plants are and how many flowers they have. I think I'll order more she says. Have you ever squished the caterpillars that attack them the moment they poke through the ground? No she has not. Well now you know the secret to full sized peonies with flowers. Squish the caterpillars.

It is understandable how some things can go unnoticed for a spell.

There is a lot going on.

It takes a keen eye, focus and regular strolls to see all the details.

Even then there will always be surprises.

After all these years a plant decides to bloom like they do in the magazines and catalogs.


chuck b. said...

The critters that ate you sunflowers last year are in my garden this year eating my tomatoes. Please come get them.

Siria said...

I've tried growing sunflowers with no luck. I think I might try again this year. Your garden is really coming along. The frequent travelers of the scenic byway must love seeing all the seasonal changes going on at your place. Pretty soon it will be tall and green again!

I hope my peonies do as good as yours. Last year was a great year for mine, but this year doesn't look to be as good as last.

Christopher C. NC said...

Chuck the critters must be equally shared.

The reason I have easy and already big sunflowers this year must be because I did not plant them. I left the plants I finally got for the birds. I was surprised how far they got from the site of the original plants. It will be a surprise to see what I get. There was the single mammoth yellow and a multi-stemmed yellow. Maybe this fall I can hide some other multi-stemmed colored ones.

Lola said...

Gorgeous Christopher.
I have learned that sometimes volunteers do better. Pumpkins in front bed is one exhibit. It came up before the corn now it's taken over, bigger that the corn. I think there may be a race going on.