Monday, May 31, 2010

Experimental Wacking

I roam this mountain.

The steady travel of feet wears an indentation into the earth.

The Lush tries to hide it and works to make the indentation disappear.

I want to see what is out there and keep roaming.

The Lush got wacked to free the indentation and made roaming much more comfortable.

I think I will try that next door in the garden to be. I wacked a bunch of experimental paths, the paths in my designer's mind. Will this be the flow I have been seeing and feeling?

There are already some things to see out there.

But the garden to be is roamed less. The indentation is not set.

I must roam the garden to be more. It will now be easier with the experimental wack.

I roam along the driveway often to see what I have planted and what I have let be.

I putter constantly in the roadside vegetable garden. It's order gives me joy.

The Lush laps at the edges, plotting.

Raindrops on roses are the things I roam to see.

In warmth now I am often followed by two rambunctious kitties.

Around the newly wacked experimental paths and back.


Antique ART Garden said...

Hey is that stack of rocks in one of your last pictures you ? I think that is your avatar roaming in your garden.
Poetic journey with your paths and cats, thanks ! Gina

Anonymous said...

Chris, I thought your blogger symbol looks a little like an eagle now. What's up with that? Was that Jack white or black?

Christopher C. NC said...

Yes Gina that stack o' rocks is me.

Sallysmom, my avatar does fall down every so often and gets a slightly different look with each re-stack. That Jack is actually a Pitcher plant making new pitchers.

Lola said...

Those indentations do help. The eyes & heart are most to follow. Whacking does make it easier. I never whacked in the woods as I just wondered. But for the most part it was too shady except for hidden things of interest.
Those kitties sure are a comfort. Crawford is so photogenic. He doesn't get far from you I surmise.
I like order in the garden except for natural Mother Nature.

chuck b. said...

Deciding where to put the path in my teeny-tiny garden was probably the most fun I had early on.

And when I go to sleep at night fantasizing about my fantasy garden, I spent a lot of time fantasizing about how I want to walk through it.