Thursday, May 20, 2010

Some Of What They Saw

The resident gardeners have safely returned to their mountain top.

Before dark and before the next big rain.

There was a chance to take a stroll.

Ooh look there are more peonies.

Don't step on the phacelia. I think this is as good as Texas Bluebonnets.

And we are only now getting started with the lupine.

Even more peonies.

Mountainous rhododendrons

Really they didn't miss a thing.


chuck b. said...

It is just amaaazing to me how this is all there under the snowy wonderland for so many months. Rhododendrons under snow... my brain just doesn't understand it!

Phacelias are GREAT. I'm learning that there are more of them than I knew. Personally, I like our California lupines slightly better than the Texas ones because ours have a hint of violet in between the blue and white. However, they don't seem to form the thick drifts here like they do in Texas, so that's something.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home to your parents! Hope you dad is getting around OK. The garden is so beautiful.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Welcome home Resident Gardeners. It appears that the garden was eagerly awaiting your arrival.

Lola said...

Now the mtn top will be complete. It has it's Resident Gardeners home. All that beauty cared for all those yrs are a wonderment for all to see.
Enjoy all, dear friend.

Christopher C. NC said...

Chuck I will admit the first couple of years I just could not see how some of these delicate plants survived so much snow and cold, but they do. Yea when I went to ID the white phacelia I found there seems to be a phacelia species for every county in the nation. We have three species.

Bev my dad looks good and is doing fine, just a bit skinny which he is so proud of.

Lisa I know my mom is itching to get out there and edit. Already it's, I see hosta I can divide and move.

Lola it is amazing what persistence can accomplish. I keep that in mind when looking at my wild cultivated garden to be.

sweetbay said...

They must have been delighted!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad they are back and hope they could get up there to see it all. The rhodies are amazing and Lenore the iris looks fabulous. She is done here, but will always remind me of Bulbarella with fondness.

Anonymous said...

Chris, I am so glad to hear they are finally there. It should be a great summer. I envy the energy of your mom. Oh, how I would love to be able to do what she has done. How about you hold a drawing and whoever wins gets a weekend on the mountain ;)

Gail said...

I am glad they are home and safe with a beautifully well cared for and tended garden to welcome them~I love phacelia, too, It's one of my favorite wildflowers....gail

dining room sets said...

The photos and your garden are beautiful! I like the colors! Glad they survived through the weather.