Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Creeping Higher

"The third trimester of summer is imminent. Or more precisely this is very late mid-summer." Precision is apparently important to the scientific minded.

Me, I just sort of notice that at this time of year all of the tallest wildflowers are coming in to bloom. There appears to be a fairly precise order of things. In spring the short ground hugging plants bloom and with each successive species wave of bloom, the plants grow taller to get above the ones that came before them.

This Bull Thistle, Cirsium vulgare flower is at eye level. The Lush at this point of "very late mid-summer" averages six feet tall. A person could lie down in there and get lost.

The shower tile is approaching eye level and is almost ready for the second banding of decorative 1 x 1 glass tile. I took the time today to finish sealing the grout on the tile floor and still must pay attention to that other outhouse remodel. It should get re-tiled tomorrow and soon the throne will be set back in place.

I had to take the soap dish off. There was a slight miscalculation. I jammed it in the corner and did not leave room to get a tile under it on the right hand wall. Oh well. It came off clean and easy. The new cutout for the soap dish is properly spaced. Those red lines above mark the shampoo shelf and those tiles for the back wall are cut and ready to be stuck in place. It's creeping higher.

Helianthus maximiliani is one tall floppy sunflower. It is eight feet easy. It is also a native perennial and with this amount of space I should not begrudge its floppiness. The sporadic torrential downpours we have been getting of late don't help much.

Very late mid-summer is also seeing the Miscanthus 'Morning Light' making it over the top of the rickety, black locust, split rail fence. It is gaining substantial presence for a late to end of summer and into fall showing. At this time of year I need substantial.

It is not as noticeable to me. I have not been here long enough.

But every year the forest creeps higher too.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Trimester? Sounds like you are expecting. Expecting fall perhaps? The outhouse projects are looking grand.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the more I see of that glass tile, the more I like it! Also, the Morning Light and fence looks like a show quality photo!

Somehow, it never occurred to me that each successive wave of plants grows higher to surmount the previous one, but it makes perfect sense.