Monday, August 30, 2010

Wandering Off To Water Rock Knob

I think I am headed up there.

It's best to start goofing off in small bits. Besides I was told this was like climbing stairs.

Out yonder is the Great Smoky Mountains.

I will be guessing at many of the wildflowers. How about Angelica triquinata, Filmy Angelica. The seeds sure looked like Angelica.

Mountain Ash, Sorbus americana.

I just thought this was pretty and have been contemplating a short sedge lawn of sorts.

A place where I lingered.

There was a very interesting Viburnum up there. One had the first red leaves of the season to come. It also had some red fruits that fell off into my hand. I'm thinking it is Viburnum lantanoides or Hobble Bush.

Black Eyed Susan in a ditch.

Everywhere there is White Snakeroot, Ageratina altissima. I mean everywhere.

A Zizia perhaps?

A golden hillside

Of Goldenrod.
Short kind which is nice.

Undulating to the far horizon

How's that for goofing off?


Siria said...

WOW! That was a great and gorgeous place to hike! It looks like you had great weather too.

Lola said...

Boy, that is the ultimate for goofing off. I wish you much more of that kind of goofing off. You really deserve it after all you have done. The wild flowers are gorgeous.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

One's spirit could soar here. Beautiful.

Les said...

We are jealous here. said...

Such a beautiful place. Your images capture the mood and feeling of the place. In architecture we call this sense of place, and I really got that with your photos.

Anonymous said...

Excellent bout of goofing off! Definitely calls for more!


chuck b. said...

Those ridges are always so blue. Like water.