Saturday, August 28, 2010

Winding Up

There is an abundance of butterflies in the waning days of summer. I don't know if they lay eggs that overwinter or if the last batch of caterpillars pupate over winter or both. Their numbers tell me they are up to something.

The roadside vegetable garden is slowing down. The last to get going 'Juliet' tomatoes that came up on their own are still in high gear and just look at one of my strawberry patches. It promises a berrylicious spring.

And because I can, I seeded another crop of corn with a due date of October 15th, also our first average annual frost date. It is coming along quickly. The sunflowers are now bird food, minus a big sack of seeds for next year, and the gold finches spend their days in the vegetable garden.

Ta da! I have reached the top of the shower. All the tile that can be tiled is done tiled.

It's near perfect. In that top left side corner you can see my grout lines in two of the cap tiles are a bit wider than the surrounding tiles. There was a 1/4 inch difference in width from one end to the other necessitating a cut and I cut a hair too much off those top two tiles. Oh well. I did it all myself. The white grout will help make it disappear I am sure.

That blank spot on the right side wall will get filled in after the glass block goes in.

Next comes the grout. Then I will put the soap dish and shampoo shelf on. I wanted to make sure to get grout in the joints that those will cover over.

Once that is done I may make like Crawford for the week and splurge on numerous naps.

And there will be wandering about and garden touring.

Perhaps I will even pull a few weeds.


Lola said...

Love to watch those butterflies. Your garden still looks very good. Yum on the berries for next Spring. Hope you corn makes it by that date. It sure will taste good.
Kitty looks so comfortable.
Tile sure looks great. I knew it would.
Time to take a break now & enjoy some of the late flowers.

Kitty Cunningham said...

My buddleia and spearmint have been seething with butterflies every day for at least 2 weeks. It's been glorious. :-)

rainymountain said...

The tiling looks good, and the stripes of various greens are very sharp. Nice to have a job finished.

Randy Emmitt said...

Hey beautiful Pipevine swallowtail! Betting the Pipevines there are looking pretty eaten up around there!

The tiling looks great too! I'd not use the plastic channel in the shower with the block, instead I'd just use the white mortar and hidden clips.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola I am looking forward to my week of goofing off.

Kitty this has been a much better butterfly year than last and we had such a snowy winter?

Rainymountain it does feel good to have one more thing very very near done.

Randy the Pipevines up here get as huge as the grapevines. They have ample caterpillar food. The glass block will have the clips anchored into the wall through the plastic channel and it will have metal reinforcing wire between courses. It will be as sturdy as a glass block wall can get.

chuck b. said...

You have an abundance of butterflies, while I have an abundance of spiders.

Your strawberry patch is impressive
in both length and girth. Oh the joy of having a roadside vegetable garden!