Thursday, August 26, 2010

Yesterday's Sunset

That's all you get. It was the last time I was able to upload a picture until who knows when this stupid Hughes satellite internet will work again.

My neighbors over the hill in the Kingdom of Madison put in a bid for some stimulatin', won and are getting a high speed internet line. I may have to run my own cable over there to hook up.


Siria said...

Christopher ~ that last sunset picture has to be the most beautiful one you have posted! The setting sun is shining like a radiating star.

I think once they run that high speed internet cable to your neighbor, you should be able to get one too. Start calling the powers to be!

Christopher C. NC said...

Siria the county line here is no joke. Earlier this week they painted the road stripes ... to the county line. Today they mowed the road edge ... to the county line. The high speed internet is coming to Spring Creek in Madison county via French Broad Electric. We are the last house ... on the county line with Haywood Electric Co-op.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You have to have the patience of a saint to post/read blogs with your service. I agree with Siria, start calling the powers that be. Let them know that there are people interested in the right connections.

Anonymous said...

Well, hurry up, Chris and get that line. I will miss the gorgeous fall pics.

Siria said...

Well, for one thing, please don't stop blogging .... as someone posted in an earlier post, I'm hooked on reading up on Outside Clyde every day too! Is there a router that would be strong enough to pick up their signal? :-)
I still say it doesn't hurt to start calling the powers to be. Who is the provider laying that cable? They wouldn't be able to extend it? I can't imagine that the internet provider is limited by county lines. (But then nothing would surprise me up there!) Good luck!

Les said...

I just saw an ad from them for the first time this week. They wanted the viewer to believe they were responsible for bringing the 21st century to rural America.

Lola said...

Love, love the sunset pics.
Slow net service is for the pits. Hate it.
I agree, call & bug the devil out of them. I remember when we got tv cable where I was. BOY, just to get it up a hill.
Hope you never stop blogging. My daily fix if I can get on ANY puter in the house.