Friday, August 13, 2010

In Which Systems Wobble

The first day after my return from Buffalo, one twisting movement and the hip and lower back were toast. A month of disturbed sleep hipnea has ensued. The days were fine. Nights were nightmarish.

Eight visits to the young strong chiropractor has seen a big improvement. I can see a return to a more aligned normal.

Company was coming, a cousin from Columbia SC. I was made to clean the receptacle. I have cleaned it before. This time there was water where it should not be and a sagging receptacle. And drips. There were drips. The bolts that held the tank to the bowl had completely disintegrated.

And one thing led to another.

Progress is being made. The edges of the hole were made straight and half of the new floor joist system is in place. It is safe to say that I did arrive in time. The building contractor simply no longer has the physical strength for this kind of stuff. He is still the brains, but I am the essential muscle.

I drive to town to fix me and to get things to fix the inside outhouse and my little truck has a convulsion. At my first appointment I discover two disconnected hoses. Later this evening I discover a third little hose disconnected. The truck is still not breathing right. A stop was made at the Ford dealer to no avail. See you on Tuesday.

I just know there was some sort of varmint ruckus in my engine. Probably big varmints. Damn Varmints!!

I won't bore you with the pitiful state of my satellite ISP and an old and ailing computer. I'd switch to my own computer, but I don't want a certain someone loading it with his programs or wandering the world wide web oblivious to the marketing tactics and abuses of the free market capitalism of which he is so fond.

Let me just say there are days when I contemplate a blogging hiatus.

There are some who predict that the complex systems upon which we so heavily rely have already begun to wobble and will soon disintegrate entirely. This could all just be preparation for the Time of the Potato I see in my future. Or the cruel truth of a Friday the 13th in August 2010. Take your pick.


chuck b. said...

I hope it's just Friday the 13th. I don't think I could go back to the old way of living. The wobble is very noticeable in my daily life however.

Anonymous said...

Having recently injured my own back and subject to those nightmarish nights, I do sympathize. Gardeners need backs! As an MD I've always suspected chiropractors, but maybe it's time to drink the Koolaid. I am sure your parents are grateful to have your physical strength, as well as your company. Just don't reinjure that back!


Carol said...

I think this is a bit of Friday the 13th, but working in this world, I know that little wobbles can turn in to big shakes. Be careful out there!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Blame it on Friday the 13th. You probably need rest. Take a little time off. Get yourself perfectly aligned. Come back with that spring in your step, or is that your fingers? Take care.

Anonymous said...

No, no, no, no blogging break!!! I read your blog every day.

Les said...

An old wife once told me that trouble comes in threes. We are on our third set of three at this point.